As a little girl I lost track of time redesigning and personalizing my own jewellery.
My father, an architect, noticed and encouraged my love of design. 
He taught me that the secret behind a powerful design is the way it holds a flowing energy based on proper proportions and correct use of geometry. He also fostered a sense of pride and self-love that has grown over time and supported me through my life.

To honor my dad’s teachings I used the nickname I gave him, MIMZO, to launch my jewellery brand in 2015.

My studies in energy healing have also reinforced my conviction that jewellery affects our energy field and our moods. I carefully design all my pieces to ensure that they hold an inspiring message and bring positive and vibrant energy through the use of diamonds, 18k gold, precious stones, gemstones and sterling silver.

MIMZO Jewellery designs are hand crafted.