The Cairo Design Award (CDA) is the first designer platform in Egypt for award-winning design creativity and innovation in Egypt and in the Middle East, bringing together outstanding designers and celebrating the industry’s achievement.

MIMZO Jewellery won the honorary award in The Cairo Design Award 2018 with the beautiful piece called, WOMAN.


The mystical nature of  women is what inspired me to design this award winning piece.

It is a symbol of every woman on her journey of self-discovery.

It represents the countless displays of inner strength I have witnessed around me in the face of life’s challenges. 

Woman is the chain that binds the links of her family together.

She is the one who nurtures the bond between the people she loves.

She is the one who brings calming wisdom to those around her and covers them with her protective care and love.

This piece is a symbol of loyalty and unconditional love... graceful, feminine, delicate and strong,

The elegant and simple chain is made with 18K gold and evolves on one side into circular shapes enveloping pink and green tourmaline stones. The asymmetry between the right and left side symbolize HER complexity and adaptability. As women I feel we have a mission to love and impress ourselves. They join in the middle around a trinity of opal and green tourmaline gemstones. Opal contains a fiery flame and is associated with love, passion, creativity, loyalty and faithfulness. Tourmaline, which links the two opal pieces, is the stone of inward wisdom, grounding and empowerment, connecting earth and human spirit.